End of Years 2018

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YOUTH CAMP: 19.12.18 - 22.12.18
EOY STUDIES: 22.12.18 - 01.01.19


John’s gospel presents us with a cross-section of different characters that must overcome personal obstacles - emotional, physical, psychological, and moral - and Jewish prejudices and traditions in order to see Jesus. Each example John chooses is a unique, extreme cases pre-selected by the Lord as individuals that have no hope under the law of Moses.
The reward for their determination came in the abundance of love and grace that our Lord so willingly outpoured, not just to free them from their present burdens, but to give them power to become sons of God.

Jesus willingness to not just entertain these people but truly fellowship with them presents us with certain challenges as we examine the prejudices and traditions we feel safe and comfortable with in the 21st century western world.


'We Would See Jesus' John 12.21
Led by Bro. Ron Houben.

Camp Details

19.12.18 - 22.12.18
'God and The Lost' led by Dan Jolly
Minimum Age 14+
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Vaughan: The man behind the storm.
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Although the road to the kingdom is well lit and God’s map is open to every traveller on its narrow path, it’s not uncommon for disciples to get lost now and again. Some more than others.
These studies will comfort and caution us as we follow  some of scripture’s anti-heroes and wanderers - men and women like Adam and David, Rachel and Dinah, Ahab and Judas - some who lost God entirely and others whom God guided out of the woods in the end.

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